The Sombansi Enviro Engg. Pvt. Ltd. team of professional is experienced in all aspects of engineering industrial and municipal wastewater treatment systems. All necessary disciplines including mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil and environmental are represented within our organization. Our in-house engineering is supported by a design and drafting group using computer-assisted design drafting.

The responsibilities of the engineering group consist of developing all civil, mechanical and electrical drawings for wastewater treatment system and equipment. Our engineering group is broken up into teams to handle larger and smaller projects. Our design incorporate consideration pertaining to case of maintenance and reliability through the use of quality equipment and state-of-the-art control.

Process Design Work Performed:

  1. Process drawings (PFDs and P&IDs)
  2. Control Descriptions
  3. Operation Manuals

Mechanical Design Work Performed:

  1. Equipment and system layout (General and Detail)
  2. Equipment Specification
  3. Piping
  4. Equipment Assembly

Electrical Design Work Performed:

  1. Motor Control Centers
  2. Electrical Panel Design
  3. PLC Programming

Civil/Structural Design Work Performed:

  1. Site Plans
  2. Foundation (Plans and Details)
  3. Structural (Plans and Details)